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10 ideas about to change the world Future technology

10 ideas about to change the world Future technology

The future is coming, and it’s coming sooner than you can imagine. These new technologies will change the way we live and take care of our bodies, helping us avoid climate catastrophe.

Like it or not, technology is advancing rapidly, with new innovations and revolutionary projects popping up every year. Some of the brightest minds are creating the next futuristic technology that will revolutionize the way we live. It may feel like scientific progress is steady, but over the past half-century we have experienced a period of enormous technological progress.

Now there are some innovations straight out of science fiction. Whether it’s robots that can read minds, artificial intelligence that can create images of itself, holograms, bionic eyes, or other amazing technologies, the world of futuristic tech has a lot to look forward to. Below we have selected some of the most important and interesting ideas.

1- Sand batteries
2- Underwater gloves
3- Xenotransplantation
4- AI image-generation
5- Brain reading robots
6- 3D printed bones
7- Realistic holographs
8- Clothes that can hear
9- Lab-made dairy products
10- Hydrogen planes


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