Benefits of solar energy the individual

The use of solar energy at the individual level brings many benefits:
A source of renewable energy: Solar energy is a renewable energy source. Where it is available every day in various parts of the world, and solar energy does not run out unlike some other energy sources, and man can benefit from solar energy for at least 5 billion years; That is, until the end of the remaining life of the sun, as determined by scientists.
A way to reduce energy bills: A person can replace the energy sources he uses with solar energy generated by the solar system that he uses, so the value of savings in energy bills will depend on the amount of electricity and heating used, in addition to the size of the existing solar system. The larger its size, the less the need to use energy sources. other and reduce the price of the incurred bills.

Various applications: Solar energy is used in many applications in addition to generating electricity and heat. It can also be used to distill water in areas that lack clean water, as well as to operate satellites in space.
Low maintenance costs: Solar energy systems are considered among the systems that do not require much maintenance, and it is sufficient to clean them several times a year by the same person or specialized cleaning companies.

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