Cons of wind power

Despite the many advantages of wind, there are some disadvantages or challenges that can arise when relying on wind energy, such as:
– Unreliable source : in general, it is not possible to be sure of the wind blowing reliably, therefore, if it relies on wind only to generate electricity, which leads to a lack of electricity on days when the wind does not blow, and on the other hand, severe storms, high winds or lightning damage wind turbines.
– Threat to wildlife : turbines and their feathers and edges can be unsafe for wildlife, especially for birds that are in the same area, and there is no effective and reliable way to prevent such a threat.
– Noise and visual pollution : wind turbines emit a sound ranging from 50 to 60 decibels, therefore, if the turbine is next to the house, it will make an annoying noise, and on the other hand, some consider that The Shape of turbines, especially next to houses, is ugly and gives an unloved appearance to the place.
– Cost and maintenance : although wind energy is lower in cost than other energy sources, it remains expensive when starting a turbine construction project, and its maintenance is expensive.
– Safety: turbines can threaten the safety of workers in the field, especially during times of severe storms and high winds, which cause damage or problems in the turbine blades, increasing the likelihood of their occurrence, which threatens the safety of workers, causing them lifelong disability or causing their death.
– Limitation : the harnessing of wind energy is limited to certain places only, which are places where the wind speed is high, and this is mostly in remote places away from cities.

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