Hydrogen: A Renewable Energy Source

Hydrogen: A Renewable Energy Source

By now, most people know about the burning issues caused by using fossil fuels. However, many governments are still reluctant to encourage people to use clean energy because it is a renewable resource. Renewable resources include things like solar energy, wind power and hydropower. Hydrogen is one of the most abundant elements in the universe, and it’s also crucial for life on earth as we know it. Many countries have started using hydrogen as a fuel to power cars and create electricity.

Natural gas is a byproduct of the milling process used to extract oil from crude. This gas is clean and safe to use as a fuel; however, there are still hurdles to overcome before hydrogen becomes a regular energy source. Many countries have started producing natural gas through the controversial technique of hydraulic fracturing. This practice creates natural gas reserves that can be used as a clean fuel. Hydrogen produced this way is called syngas and can be used in factories, heating and manufacturing processes and more. However, not all countries have proper industrial processes in place to use this resource.


Hydropower is the result of water being used to generate electricity. Water is pumped up to a high point using powerful engines before being directed into turbines. The extremely cold water does not produce much heat but does produce a lot of power. This form of renewable energy can be used to run schools, hospitals and other household uses in cold regions. It’s also great for heating homes during cold seasons. Countries like Canada export their hydropower to countries like China where it’s useful in preserving food preservation during cold seasons.

Developing countries can also tap into hydrogen produced from virtually any source- whether it’s from fossil fuels, crops or animals. Hydrogen produced from natural gas is cleaner than fossil-fueled hydrogen; however, both are so abundant that there’s no real limit on how much hydrogen a country can produce. In comparison, only 2 atoms of hydrogen exist in the entire universe- so producing it is difficult and costly. Hence, generating hydrogen has become an easy task when compared to creating it via cosmic sources.


Hydrogen: A Renewable Energy Source


It’s obvious that hydrogen can become an adequate alternative fuel if industrial processes are put in place to use it efficiently. Initially, people used natural gas as a clean alternative fuel until industrial processes were put in place to use it efficiently. Hydropower is another clean energy source when water is used to generate power- but there’s no limit on how much energy any form of hydroturbines can produce. Until governments encourage the use of clean energy sources like hydroturbines and natural gas, fossil fuels will continue being used despite their burning issues.


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