Obstacles to the use of solar energy

There are many reasons for switching to the option of using renewable energy sources as an alternative to traditional sources, but there are some obstacles that do not enable the world to rely on them mainly:

Initial construction cost: The cost of building a solar energy system depends on the location, number of panels required, installation requirements, labor charges, etc., and this cost is high; Thus, some families cannot afford it without resorting to loans.

Night use: solar energy systems need the sun to operate, so at night these systems cannot generate electricity, and the person needs to rely on other sources to obtain energy. It is worth noting that some solar panel systems contain backup batteries, but they are optional. Comes with all systems.

The need for space: Solar panels need a space to install them, and the greater the volume of consumption required, the greater the space required to install the solar energy system.

 Location: The intensity and availability of the sun varies from place to place. In some parts of the world, the sun does not appear for several days in the winter season. Which leads to exposure to the problem of inability to supply electricity to those who depend on solar energy, and the solar eclipse also affects solar energy generators.

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