Being a renewable energy

Pros and cons of geothermal energy

Pros of geothermal energy : 

Being a renewable energy, it is one of the sources of energy that does not run out at least for future generations.
Being a clean energy that is not harmful to the environment, and does not cause any pollution either in its extraction, conversion or use.
It is available in very large quantities, in vast areas and for most countries of the world.
Low energy production costs after the initial costs of Station production (which can be prohibitive).
High yield of extracted energy.

cons of geothermal energy : He covered all the advantages of geothermal energy, which made it at the forefront of future alternative energy sources. However, there are some factors that are difficult to spread, at least for the time being. One of the most important of these reasons is the high cost of erecting power plants using geothermal energy. This is due to the difficulty of drilling wells at great depths and amid very high temperatures.
Although geothermal energy is less expensive than any other energy source, it is exhaustible and can create environmental problems . When it is exhausted in one facility, it leads to the loss of the entire facility. Some facilities also emit large amounts of sulfur, which can be equivalent to what is released by similar-sized facilities using coal fuel with a high sulfur content. Although geothermal applications will expand in the future, they are not expected to cover more than 5-10% of global energy needs, mainly due to the lack of convective water systems in many parts of the world.


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