Types of wind turbines

Horizontal turbines, vertical turbines, wind turbines can be built both on land and on large bodies of water such as oceans and lakes. Factors on which wind energy depends there are three main factors on which wind energy depends and affects the output and generation of energy from it, namely:
– Wind speed: wind speed determines the amount of electricity that a turbine can generate, in the sense that higher speeds of wind allow generating more energy, because strong winds help the turbine blades to rotate faster, and faster rotation generates more mechanical and electrical energy from the generator.
– Air density: the power generation process also depends on the air density in the area, and the air density is affected by altitude, pressure and temperature, as dense air exerts greater pressure on the turbines, which leads to higher energy production.
– Blades size: turbines the larger the turbine blades, the larger the size, allows the turbine to capture more wind energy, move more air through the rotors, and this leads to the production of more energy, of course.

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